Our services

Offering solutions together - benefiting

1. Networking

  • Contact network/cooperation exchange – partner profiles with ReLioS
  • Mutual information between partners on interesting news and solutions
  • Targeted networking in demand-oriented events
  • Low-threshold exchange with those involved in battery value creation
  • International exchange, especially with South Korea
  • Existing legal framework for a trusting exchange of information and cooperation (cooperation agreement)

2. Monitoring of relevant market trends and technology innovations

  • Identification of relevant market trends and joint evaluation in the ReLioS partner group
  • Insight into relevant technology developments (topic radar/roadmap)
  • Konwledge of relevant ongoing funding programs

3. Joint external presentation

  • Platform for effective external presentation
  • Implementation of own events/formats in the interested specialist world/specialist community for exchange and platform for members

4. Strategic exchange with relevant organizations

  • Standardization organizations
  • Federal ministries, especially the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK)
  • European Commission
  • Associations
  • Think tanks and scientific institutions
  • Universities and training institutions